Monday, October 29, 2007

clothing filing systems and more celebrity cameos

I haven't been remembering my dreams as vividly as usual lately, but last night I had a variation on the back-in-high-school(or college)/ group-trip dream (ever since I spent a year at school in Spain I have recurring dreams about group trips, almost always unpleasant). I was in some sort of group situation (almost like summer camp), and a girl I knew in high school was there--the only thing I remember vividly was that I was trying to get dressed (I guess this also puts it in the choosing-clothes category). All of our clothes were folded and stored in manila envelopes, and neatly filed in big boxes. To get the clothing item we wanted, we had to line up and present a token representing the item. The attendants would then flip through the envelopes in the boxes and retrieve the desired item (unless it was already taken, which I think happened with one item I wanted). I remember noticing that all the envelopes were strangely thin and wondering if they applied some shrinking technology to heavy sweaters, or if they just didn't allow bulky clothing, in which case, what would we do when it got colder? I was wearing some sort of black tulle tutu-type skirt and trying desperately to find the magical item that would pull my outfit together.
This was a couple of nights ago, but I thought I should update on my latest Celebrity Cameo. This time Adrien Brody was flying through the air doing acrobatics with a female partner. I was extremely impressed, because he was gliding along airborne at a 45-degree angle while holding up the girl's feet with one hand. Then I saw that they were supported by a wire attached to each of their appendages, like marionettes, and I was less impressed.


Cerise said...

Wow! Did it stress you out that you didn't have unmitigated access to your own wardrobe, or were you impressed by the efficiency of the filing system?

Also, I love Adrien Brody. I think The Darjeeling Limited is my favorite film of his yet.

strovska said...

it was definitely stressful to have to queue for clothing....

i'll have to look up the movie--i read a bad review, which discouraged me, but in retrospect i think maybe the reviewer was just grumpy.

Curly Sue said...

Wow, Rachel. I would have thought that a high school group trip would inspire more angst than that.

Did I tell you that when I was studying for my PhD exams I had an anxiety dream about high school? I dreamed that I'd missed some vital high school credit and that I had to go back to OAA. It was terrible. Everyone was there, but they weren't their 1990s selves--they had gotten older just like me. I sat bolt upright in bed and had to remind myself (for some time) that I would never really have to go back.

I Hope So said...

dear curly sue,

1. i freaking hate the going back to high school dreams. but i love the feeling of intense relief that i get when i realize that it was *only* a dream.

2. i think you should join us. no, wait. i KNOW you should join us.

email: from the email addy you use to log into blogger and i'll give you access.



strovska said...

yes, join!

this was sort of a composite high-school/college/group trip dream, so the angst was tempered somewhat. the real going-back-to-OAA dreams are waaaaaaaay more stressful (and also take considerable recovery time).