Tuesday, October 9, 2007

crime and punishment

I had a terrible dream last night--I dreamed that my husband and I were on vacation and driving a rented truck (don't know why) into a grassy parking lot to retrieve our own truck. When we got in sight of our own truck, we saw that someone was breaking into it. We didn't want to let on that it was our vehicle because we didn't want to provoke any violence, so we turned around and left to call the police. For some reason the would-be thief jumped onto the running board of our rental truck and tried to get in (provoking one of those racing-to-lock-the-door-but-my-fingers-won't-move-fast moments). I guess he fell off, because the next thing I can remember is that we had taken refuge in an unoccupied house. We had locked all the doors when I realized that the miscreant (joined now by his wife!) had climbed up on a porch roof in front of a second-story window and were getting ready to crawl in the window. My only option was to push them both off the roof, so I did, and they landed with a splat on the ground. I was extremely upset about having killed someone, even in self-defense, and started crying hysterically (including something about how the woman was really beautiful and I wished I hadn't had to kill her, and I was afraid people would think I'd killed her because she was beautiful). A policeman who came to check on the crime scene said that she had been killed immediately, but it looked to him like her husband hadn't died immediately.

Oh, it was awful! I hardly ever have gruesome dreams like that.


A less gruesome but still neurotic dream is this one I had the other morning, in two parts. The first part was something I've dreamed variations of before. I was with my husband at some wedding-type event involving public sit-down eating, and he fell immediately and obviously in love with some girl that was there. She was cute enough, and she seemed like a nice, well-adjusted person, but she had extremely hairy arms! Not hairy in a normal girl-with-hairy-arms way--she had fuzz standing up at least 3/4 of an inch on her upper arms, like a halo. It didn't seem to affect his regard for her, though, because he sat down beside her, forcing me to sit on the other side of her and try to act serene and secure while she held forth on what a wonderful friend Sean Penn was (another question--what are all these celebrities doing in my dreams lately?).

So I woke up grumpy and insecure, and since I had time before work I went back to sleep and dreamed about seducing a scientist. He and a colleague were setting up for a reenactment of one of "the early microwave parties"*, I saw him, and that was pretty much all it took for him to fall head-over-heels for me. Ha! Retribution!

*These were apparently house parties held in the early-to-mid eighties at which the two scientists demonstrated their innovative microwave/computer prototype. Although looking back, this guy would have only been about 15 at the time, so there must have been a logistical error in my dream.


I Hope So said...

dream #1: this sounds very much like a dream i would have.

dream #2: where in the world do you think your brain came up with the idea to give the chick hairy arms?? and did you slap your husband when you woke up for forcing you to sit on the other side of that girl in your dream? because even though it was just a dream, i still think he should be slapped. that's just rude.

dream #3: way to get even!

strovska said...

heh! this is the first time any of these Other (dream) Women have had any kind of weaknesses at all, so i'm assuming it means i'm becoming less neurotic.

and yes, i was pretty grumpy with him when i woke up, although there was no slapping involved.

Cerise said...

Oh, you make me laugh. Thanks for sharing these!

Kendra said...

dream #1 is like many of my dreams as well. a lot of times there are predators trying to get me and i just can't move fast enough!

Heather said...

My dreams always have logistical errors!