Wednesday, September 19, 2007

two dreams in one night!

they say that you dream all night, but i'm the type of person that has a hard time remembering my dreams. so remembering two dreams from last night is an anomoly!

first of all, i dreamed about my teeth. (i got braces put on the week before starting my freshman year of high school (age 14). besides the fact that it looked like trainwreck in my mouth, orthodontic treatment was needed because my molars were grinding down in dangerous ways. the trainwreck was so bad though that for the last few years i had hid my teeth. when i laughed i would cover my mouth. when i smiled, it was never with teeth showing. i was really self-conscious about my trainwreck. braces made me happy and i liked them. after about two and a half years, the trainwreck had disappeared and so did the braces.) it's been about ten years since i had my braces removed. i faithfully wore my retainers every night for about seven years, but i've been really bad about it the last few years. i know my teeth have shifted some, but it's not terrible. and i still do try to wear the retainers once in a while. okay, now back to the dream, i literally woke up one morning and had half of a trainwreck in my mouth. my teeth were fine before bed, but something strange must have happened in my sleep. the first thing i did when i got out of bed was go the mirror. thank god, i did not find the trainwreck that i had dreamed about. i think i'm going to start wearing my retainers at night again.

in the second dream i was being seated on a large airplane. i was taking an international trip and coco was with me. it was so last minute that i had forgotten to bring a leash for her and for some reason they would not sell them where i was going. and to make matters worse i was seated by some teenage girls. one of which proclaimed she was allergic to dogs which thankfully meant i got to change seats. but the seat change didn't give me an aisle seat. but one of the two (only two?) flight attendants on this HUGE plane, loved coco and told me about a secret pet place on the upper level of the plane. it was like a mcdonald's playland for dogs. and it seemed that i had the only dog so it was all mine. the problem was that i didn't have a leash, and that was a requirement. so i was trying to figure out how to make a leash out of the carryon items that i had with me. but then i realized i didn't have her collar either, so i would have to make a collar too! and all of this was literally impossible to do.

it's no wonder i don't feel rested this morning. i was solving problems on a plane all night!

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Cerise said...

I love those sort of "secret passageway" dreams, where something totally awesome happens to you. It's a bummer when anxiety has to get in the way.