Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Future?

I usually remember my dreams, but this week I have had a hard time. Last night, I did have three dreams, but only remember a little bit of one. Maybe its old age, maybe because that was a quality in my dream, who knows...

Anyway, last night, I dreamt that I saw an ex-friend of mine (ya, know the great friend of mine who stole my identity..gotta love friendship!) and he was really old. I could see the grey hair, the wrinkles etc. He didnt look good at all. Pretty depressed actually. He didnt say much to me, but what he did say was not audible. I continually ignored him to signal a lack of interest and desire to not give him attention because I was still so angry for what he did.

I always have imagined that this is the response I would have to him if I actually did see him, however the thought of dreaming it makes me ponder otherwise.

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