Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up

I think this was a stress dream.  I'm a college senior and things have been a little overwhelming lately.  On the last day of the semester before the holidays, I got sick.  I had a fever for 2 days, a cold for 2 days, and then felt very woozy on the fifth day.  The next week was fine, and I got to enjoy the lack of responsibility.  The third and final week before school - my heat went out, I lost a tooth, and had to have a locksmith come out to fix my doorknobs.  The following week I went back to school and was immediately overwhelmed with the massive amount of work I'll have to do this semester.  It's all been very stressful.
I was at home trying to get some homework done when there was a knock at the front door.  It was a handyman, and he got right to work.  Whatever he was doing was noisy, and I couldn't focus on my homework.  I'd gone grocery shopping earlier in the day and had a few things I hadn't gotten around to putting away yet sitting on the table.  I'm not sure what the handyman was fixing, but he wasn't working in the kitchen.  For some reason, I asked him if the groceries were in his way.  He came in to look at them and said no, but that I really needed to put the cleaning solution away so that my children wouldn't get into it.  I told him that I didn't have any children, but that I would put it away anyway.  I opened the cupboard door under the kitchen sink and discovered a puddle of water.  I stared at it for several seconds, then decided I needed to contact a plumber.  I sat down on a chair in the living room with a cell phone and phone book.  After making a few phone calls, I looked down at the cell in my hands.  It was an older version flip phone.  I thought to myself, "I am clearly not one of the cool kids with a cell phone like this!"  
And that was that!


Clik said...

É preciso tirar um tempo para
descansar, aproveitar as
férias caro Amigo!

Clik said...

have a good week my Friend!