Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tornadoes and fraternizing

I was at work and in my dream, we were on the 12th floor (in real life it's the 7th).  There are ceiling to floor windows. The wind was picking up I looked out the window, and saw black clouds swirling very fast. The whole sky was dark and in seconds, a tornado was produced. The funnel swirled from the sky to the ground. It was long and narrow, and it was very vivid in my dream. The wind was whistling and I remembered thinking "this doesn't sound like the freight train as people so often describe it." The winds sounded like high pitched whistling. A man who works in my office in real life, Steve, is someone I have a crush on. In my dream, I saw him jump down to the floor with a frightened look on his face as the tornado was right outside our window. He was wearing a light blue button down shirt, and put his hands over his head. I did the same. I was so excited to see a tornado, but then realized we're on the 12th floor and I feared the building would collapse. It went by us without any damage.  I remember saying "I can now cross that off my bucket list. I've always wanted to see a tornado" to one of my coworkers.

I was then walking up stairs in a residence, they had carpet on them.  Steve was sitting on a couch by himself, with a large window behind him. He smiled when he saw me, and asked me to come over. His teeth are perfect and white, his hair very short an always kept nice, light brown in color and blue eyes. He took his shirt off, and exposed his hairy chest. I felt giggly and strangely comfortable with him. He smiled at me throughout the dream. I was sitting on his lap facing him, when my coworker Sandy came upstairs. Steve covered himself with a shirt, and she didn't notice he had taken it off. She asked if I knew whether or not the Christmas tree outside was still standing after the storm. I told her I would go and check.

I walked outside onto a concrete patio, and saw a sting of lights and a pole, but it appeared the tree had been stripped down to nearly nothing.  I turned around and saw lights that were black, looked burned, and were attached to shorter pole going down to the ground as if they previously served a decorative purpose. I came back in and told her what I'd found.  She said she wanted to go back out and see if the video games that were left outside were still there. She said they were clipped to the side of the house. In my mind, I envisioned them to look like green plastic clips holding a video game case when she told me about them.

Steve was yelling something downstairs to another person who asked him a question. I can't remember what he was saying. I just remember him constantly smiling at me, taking his shirt off again and we were holding each other. The person he was yelling to was coming up the stairs, when I woke up.

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