Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The crush

I had a dream I was at a guy named Kyle's house. In real life, I've always had a wicked infatuation crush on him. There were men  all around drinking and laughing, all of them in jeans and tshirts. I was hanging on Kyle a lot and I couldn't stop smiling. We were looking at and adoring each other. There was no doubt about what was our minds.

He was drinking Jack Daniels. I smelled it and immediately I felt like I was going to vomit. I needed water. I grabbed a plastic cup out of the cabinet and when I tried to fill it, I noticed there were frozen green beans in it. I dumped them in the sink and didn't want anyone to know, so I pushed them into the disposal. I filled the cup while pushing the green beans down and drank some water. They were all laughing and doing shots, raising the glasses to "toast" one another.

I walked back over and said "I used to be able to drink it but now the smell makes me sick." We were all talking, I remember thinking one guy looked familiar but I couldn't remember his name. I hinted to Kyle I wanted to go to his room. He smiled, and his gorgeous face with perfect white teeth reminded me why I always had this crush. We walked up carpeted stairs. He turned on a light and this room was full of plastic partitions with blankets and no pillows. I thought" there's no privacy? You sleep with other people here? No mattresses??" He leaned in to kiss me, we smiled at one another and I said "you're a much different person since you got rid of Candi (his ex)."

He took my hand and led me to a different room that looked like a hostel. It had bunk beds and all of them were made up nicely. He said he had to pay $40 to sleep there. I said I could pay it but I only had a credit card with me, I had no cash. We started to kiss again and a crowd of people flooded into the room. I sat down on a bed and noticed a second later a girl was there behind me. I apologized and went to move, she touched my arm and said it was ok. She had a warm smile and big eyes. I told Kyle I left my purse downstairs and I was worried about leaving it there. I asked the girl if the homeless people would be offended if I went to get it, I didn't want them to think I didn't trust them. She said "oh no not at all, but they would never take anything from your purse."  Then I woke up.


strovska said...

haha! i love the details. it reminds me of my dreams--any time they're headed in a romantic direction, it seems like that potential is interrupted with ridiculous developments, although i've never encountered pay bunk beds!

GirlX said...

LOL. I've had my fair share of those kind of dreams that didn't cut off before the good stuff.. but I didn't think anyone would want to read that here! :P

Clik said...

Dream dream drean!

Live is to Dream!

Good weekend!

Greatings from Brasil.