Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back in high school... and anthrax?

I'm new to this blog, but I found it fascinating to read about other people's dreams. I have a lot of my old dreams documented, so I thought I'd share one today. - GirlX

I was back in high school and I saw M in the line for lunch. (Side note: M is a girl who my ex boyfriend cheated on me with in real life, then left me for her and later married her.) She was talking to a girl that I know and have been trying to get a hold of lately. I hate M, so I didn’t want to talk to her. I noticed she’d lost some more weight, and grew her hair. She looked good (of course) and she was talking to someone else I thought I knew. I started wandering the halls trying to find something – my locker? Someone else’s? Then I felt I had to leave.

I was standing by a friend of mine while she was running a cash register, and I wanted to buy some things since she gets a discount. A guy was giving her grief in line, and she held up a button that said ‘can YOU do this job?’ Her mom was there and told her to stop acting like that. The friend freaked out a little and walked away. I was trying to grab the things I wanted to buy but was told not to worry about it and the friend would take them home for me.

I was driving home and saw an old guy friend in a car going past me. His eyebrows were raising, then lowering, and in the rhythm of the eyebrows raising and lowering his eyes were turning into a creature’s eyes – yellow in color, and he had an evil sort of grin on his face and he blew past me. In the dream I said to myself "that it was something I’d seen before in a Stephen King book or movie" I thought it was one of the characters. I laughed it off. I pulled into the driveway of a house where I lived, got out of the car and was checking the mail. I had a lot of mail from military establishments, a few of which were open and a powder was inside them that got on my hands. It was anthrax, I was sure of it. I quickly wiped off my hands and continued pulling mail out of the mailbox. The box was taller than me, and when I pulled out another envelope that was a bit larger, the powder fell out of it and into my mouth. I started to panic at first, then realized I’m going to die in a few days. I tried to figure out where the letters were from, and as I was walking up the driveway there was a strange man in a delivery truck waiting for me. He said he had a package to deliver. I started to shut the garage door, and then laughed and apologized – I was just in a daze from what had happened and wasn’t paying attention to the man. I started to walk into the house with him following, and thought it would be unsafe to let him in. He gave me a bad vibe. I turned and asked him what he had for me, and he replied "it's a package, but it's a little damaged." I was walking back to his truck, saw blood on a cotton ball on the ground in my garage. I asked him where the package was from, he said it was from a military address. I was afraid to see what it was, and asked him if he knew who it came from. He said no, and while he was digging in the truck to find it, I woke up.


CëRïSë said...

Wow, a whole series of creepy!

Welcome to the blog. =)

GirlX said...

Thanks! I want to go through and read what everyone else has posted, when I have more time. I've always been interested in seeing what people dream about, for some reason :)

sprinkles said...

Welcome, GirlX!

GirlX said...

Thanks!! :)