Tuesday, May 24, 2011

zombie apocalypse

Last night I had a mixture of what I'd call a Classic Zombie dream and a home-renovation dream. The zombie part hewed amusingly to the basic zombie movie tropes*. I was in a house with a lot of other people [Group Living trope alert!] when we realized that there were zombies approaching outside and then milling around, true to form, outside the door. I don't remember any gore or anything, but there was a fair amount of panic before we settled down to divvying up domestic tasks after realizing we were stuck in the house for the long haul.

The house renovation part was, I think, in the same house, although I'm not sure if the plans were being made during the zombie apocalypse, before, or after. They involved putting skirting around a pier-and-beam foundation (like our real-life house), and we pretty much settled on using sturdy 2x4-like wood and painting it red, which seemed like a wonderful idea in the dream.

*I know this because I'm married to someone who has a fondness for the occasional zombie flick, not so much as to be fanatical but enough so that I got a good score on one of those "would you survive a zombie apocalypse" online quizzes.

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