Friday, March 25, 2011


i don't know why but i haven't been able to really remember most of my dreams in a very long time.  these probably aren't worth mentioning but i'm going to anyways...

i had gone to the doctor for some reason, i guess i must've had some problems walking or something.  the doctor cut into my heel and pulled out a comb!  this procedure didn't seem to be in a hospital, it was all done in his office.  i remember being quite surprised and apparently didn't realize there was a comb stuck in my foot.  some time passed in the dream and i don't really know what happened, i was just very aware that some other things had occured that i wasn't consciously recollecting.  the next thing i remember is walking along and thinking i needed to fix my hair.  evidently, the doctor didn't stitch up my foot where he'd cut it because i stopped and took off my shoe.  i then reached in and pulled the comb out of my heel and combed my hair.  when i was done, i stuck it back in my foot, put on my shoe and went about my merry way.  the oddest part of this whole dream is that the comb was never bloody or anything. 
in real life, i volunteer at a place that hands out food to the poor and homeless once a week.  i dreamed that i was working there and had cut my pinky finger.  it appeared to be a very deep cut but didn't seem to hurt.  i went to one of the ladies that works there and asked for a band-aid.  i showed her my cut and instead of being concerned, she told me where to find the band-aids and stressed very strongly that i needed to use a "size appropriate band-aid."  since the cut was small, she wanted me to use only a small band-aid.  another worker came into the room just as i was finishing up putting on the band-aid and she showed me she'd just cut herself too.  her cut was small and she used a rather large band-aid to cover it, much larger than she needed.  i wondered why it was ok for her to use a large one but i was instructed to use a small one.


strovska said...

i think the comb dream may possibly be the most bizarre thing i've ever heard! it definitely wins some kind of weird-dream prize.

sprinkles said...

I don't know, the tomato plant growing out of my leg was pretty bizarre too!