Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bits and Pieces

These are brief and vague but it's alls I've remembered lately.

i had worked really hard at putting together some kind of party, putting in lots of time and money to get it ready.  after sending out lots and lots of invitations and doing my best to get the word out about it, not a single person showed up.  i sat around the empty room looking around at all the decorations for a long time, feeling sorry for myself that no one was bothered to come.  i woke up feeling much the same way.
i was outside with a group of people at a park or something.  i don't know if i knew who they were or if they were just random dream people.  it seems like we were attending some kind of art faire, although i didn't really see any art or vendors anywhere.  it was really hot out and i was thinking that i should've brought a hat because i tend to get really vicious headaches from the sun (IRL and in the dream apparently).  i also remember being really thirsty but didn't seem to have any money to buy a drink.

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strovska said...

aw, that first dream is sad!