Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I haven't remembered any full dreams lately, just bits and pieces. 

I dreamed about this guy with spiked hair and he was clean shaven. Later on in the dream, his hair was long and straight but he had what looked like dreadlocks hanging down from his mustache. It sounds pretty gross but in the dream, I thought it looked pretty cool.
I was blogging and noticed that I had 9 unmoderated comments.  For some reason, Blogger no longer sent comments to your email so I had to go to the website to read them.  Blogger had changed things around quite a bit and I wasn't familiar with how to navigate through the website.  I clicked on the link I thought would allow me to view and approve the comments but it just took me to another screen with yet another link.  I clicked on that link and it took me to a third page with another link.  I clicked on that and it took me back to the first page.  I kept going through the same three pages repeatedly but I couldn't ever seem to get to the comments moderation page.  I eventually became frustrated and gave up.
I think I was volunteering at an old folks home.  I'm not sure what my duties were there specifically but I witnessed this sad event. 

There was an old man and an old woman sitting in chairs across the room from one another.  The old man sat on the edge of his seat leaning forward, and the old woman did too.  The man asked the woman to marry him.  She excitedly said yes and the man got up and walked over to the woman.  They embraced for a moment and may have even shared a kiss.  I don't really remember there being a ring given.  The woman's chair suddenly turned into a small sofa with just enough room for the two of them to sit on.  They sat together holding hands.  Then man put his head on her shoulder.  I thought at first it was a sweet gesture of his affection towards her.  I seemingly got distracted by something and looked away for several minutes.  When I turned back to the senior couple, I realized the man was dead. 


Annah said...

I love dreadlocks. But def not on mustaches. lol

strovska said...
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strovska said...

the dreadlock mustache is a really interesting detail.