Saturday, June 26, 2010

Used Car Saleswoman

In this dream, I was scouting around for a new job (as is always the case in real life). I'd decided to try out selling used cars (?!). In a dingy, dirty, run-down part of the city, an older black man who owned a used car lot decided to give me a chance.

This was a tiny car lot, squeezed onto a street corner. It wasn't even a square lot, but was very irregularly shaped, hemmed in my a huge chain link fence topped by razor wire. The main office was in an old RV or bus.

The owner of the business gave me two crisp hundred dollar bills, presumably to use in Making Deals. And then he kind of left me to it. I was pretty nervous, since I've never sold anything to anyone in my life.

Pretty soon, however, a small group of middle-class white people showed up, though not to buy a car. It turned out that the owner of the car lot was involved in the local at-risk-teens program, and these white people were delivering some kind of program materials and some money for him to run it.

They were kind of milling around, so a woman (much shorter than me) started asking me about myself. I told her I was just trying out this job because I was dissatisfied with my current job. She said she could tell that I was smart and a nice person, and she knew of a place that was hiring, and that it would be perfect for me.

I was kind of excited, so I asked for details. She said that the job was in a library. I was pretty let down, since that's my current job, and I told her that I already worked in a library.


sprinkles said...

LOL, this kind of made me laugh and wondering if the "perfect" job the lady was telling you about was actually the job you already had!

Sorry you're dissatisfied with your job. Wish I could find one. Can't even get an interview to save my life! Grrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough. ....................................................................

strovska said...

hahaha! you as a used car salesman! i mean, i'm sure you could do it if forced to, but still--hahaha!

Leah said...

I know, even in the dream it seemed ludicrous.