Thursday, June 3, 2010


I dreamed I was at some sort of fancy boutique, which sort of morphed into/out of a Banana Republic. I was examining two skinny belts, trying to decide which color to buy and having difficulty ascertaining the actual color of each. I think they started out basically red and blue, but then became so dark that I couldn't distinguish between them. I tried to get them into better light so that I could see more clearly, at which point I was assisted by a salesperson--who happened to be Hilary Clinton.*

In retrospect, I think it was 90s-era Hilary, with longer hair and a smoother face, and she struck me as very poised and polished. I was filled with admiration and respect, as well as gratitude for her help. (Later in the dream, I passed another older, very professional-looking woman, whom I understood to be the president of Banana Republic, and overheard someone mention how nice it was to have these two very important women on the floor.)

I didn't see Hilary again, but when I went to check out, my total came to $710. I had anticipated spending too much money, but not that much too much, so I asked the cashier to go down the receipt for me. I had somehow rung up all sorts of odd things, including a $20 DVD that I didn't want, and asked her to remove. I woke up before we made it through all the items.

*As Hilary hasn't even been in the news much, all I can think of that would have triggered this is having heard the news yesterday (via FB--not even an article!) about Al and Tipper divorcing.


strovska said...

this sounds like a dream i would have (buying lots of stuff i didn't plan on buying, especially).


sprinkles said...

Buying too many things definitely sounds like something I'd dream about!

Don't think I've ever dreamed of Hilary but I did once dream I had lunch with her hubby Bill and that I hung out on a yacht with their daughter Chelsea. In my dream, I found Chelsea to be quite the snob. After awhile, Bill came to pick her up