Friday, May 28, 2010


I haven't remembered many of my dreams lately, just a little snippet here and there.  But I haven't posted in awhile and was kind of feeling like I've been neglecting this blog.  So here ya go...

Last night I dreamed that I was back to working in a salon.  (I used to work in one eons ago and quit there because it wasn't a stable income.)  I had the feeling that I was pretty poor and was excited when I man came into the salon for a haircut.  His first question was if I could shampoo his hair without getting water all down his back.  He also wanted to know if I could blow-dry his hair once I was done.  Of course I told him yes!  We went back to my little area of the salon where I draped him with a haircutting cape.  I then took him over to the shampoo bowl.  His head didn't seem to fit into it and I couldn't figure out why at first.  Then I noticed that there were perm rods in the bowl.  A co-worker (one who I really did work in the salon with but haven't seen in years) came over and had the guy lift his head up onto the counter for a moment while she rinsed the rods and took them out of the sink.  The counter was up much higher than the sink and the way the guy was positioned, I don't know how he could've gotten it up there?!  So she gets all done and I proceed to shampoo his hair.  In the mean time, some random dream guy showed up and was asking me all kinds of questions.  I don't know what he was asking me but it seemed to take a lot of concentration to think of the answers and I wasn't paying much attention to the guy whose hair I was shampooing.  I got all finished and sat up the guy there for a haircut and put a towel on his head.  As he rubbed his hair dry with the towel, I noticed his back was all wet.  He got up and left, cape and all.  As he was walking out, I said goodbye but continued to talk to the second man.  Shortly after, I realized that I hadn't given the first man any of what he'd asked for.  I was concerned my supervisor would be angry that he didn't even pay for the shampooing and wondered what I'd tell her.
This was a very disturbing dream to me.  I don't have a job in real life and can't seem to get one.  I'm barely managing to keep my head above water each month so I pray this isn't a forewarning of what's to come.

I was walking around my house and there were lots of packed boxes everywhere, some of them sealed shut already and others only partially packed so they were still open.  In real life, I have a room which I call my girly room.  It's sponge painted pink and blue.  In the dream, I went into that room for some unknown reason and noticed the walls had been repainted, they were now all white.  I couldn't figure out why it had been repainted.  In my confusion, I stumbled into one of the open boxes and turned to look at the items in it.  There was a look of horror on my face as I realized that not only were the items not mine, but the house was no longer mine either.
I was on a campus of some school and was trying to figure out how to sign up to attend.  I have no idea what kind of school it was (college, technical school, etc.) beyond the fact that it was some kind of higher education after high school.  I also have no idea what kind of class(es) I was trying to sign up for.  After walking around for a bit, I figured out where I needed to be.  I needed help filling out the registration papers so I was taken to a classroom with a gentleman who helped me complete them.  We sat in a classroom at a long table.  As we filled out the paperwork, a class was going on around us.  The weird thing is, it wasn't just one class being taught.  There were mulitple classes all being taught at the same time by the same teacher.  One of the classes was a Spanish class and the students spoke mostly Spanish.  After awhile, she's switch to another subject.  Each subject she taught had totally different students so everyone was crammed in together.  I don't remember what other subjects she taught but they were things that were totally unrelated to each other.  Like one subject was for sure Spanish but another might have been Greek History and another could've been algebra.  I knew that I was registering for this teacher's class and wondered how I'd ever manage to not get confused or distracted with all the other things going on around me.  When the class was over, the various students stood up to leave and that's when I got a better look at them.  The majority of them were considerably older than me and several of them seemed to be senior citizens.  The man who was helping me was trying to get my attention so that we could finish up the registration paperwork but I kept wanting to look around at everything going on around me.  I noticed a gentleman I hadn't seen in many years who in real life has actually passed on.  He was talking to a woman about his same age and they were discussing the difficulty of the class.  He didn't seem to notice me and didn't acknowledge me at all.
I was sitting on the edge of my bathtub in preparation of shaving my legs.  There was a band-aid on my leg and I was trying to figure out how to shave around it without getting it wet or having to remove it.