Monday, May 17, 2010

literature-inspired, and annoying

I had the most vexing dream this morning. To begin with, I kept almost waking up, thinking it must be time to get up, getting frustrated because I was wasting my precious last few minutes of sleep, and going back to sleep only to return to the very same dream cycling over again.

Obviously influenced by yesterday's reading material, I was dreaming that I was a secretary in a southern African country (although I don't think I had completely morphed into Mma Makutsi). I kept receiving a cc'd memo from some guy, and I couldn't figure out whether he was sending me the same one over and over, or whether these were all irritatingly similar and equally inconsequential. I never grasped the subject of the memo(s), just that the guy was copying me on all of them to cover himself somehow. I resented being involved in whatever he was trying to drag me into, and I also didn't like the impression I had that he was somehow attracted to me (what is with this theme?). All in all, it was one of my most annoying dreams in recent memory.

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