Friday, February 19, 2010

co-worker dream

In addition to a lot of other stuff that I can't remember, I dreamed that I was at a doctor's office for some minor ailment. They sent in a nurse for my preliminary check-up, and I guess she had looked at my employment information because she said--very excitedly--"you work with Such-and-Such Male, right?" I said yes, and then she asked, "has he been around lately?", to which I replied that he had. She said, "oh, because he hasn't returned any of my calls. I keep trying to get ahold of him and leaving messages, and I haven't heard anything back." At that point I thought maybe I shouldn't have said that he'd been around. She finished up her exam, and before she left said, very insistently and enthusiastically, "tell So-and-So that if he wants to get together and do anything, go out or anything, I'm totally up for it".

Poor thing.

I related it to the coworker in question this morning, and he asked if I had been withholding any messages from him.

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sprinkles said...

These are exactly the kinds of dreams that I usually have.