Friday, January 15, 2010

Now Starring Demi Moore as The Murderer

My whole family and the family that is super good family friends of ours went on a vacation. We went to see an art museum filled with some guy's amazing work, "They should throw him a parade!" [as an aside, I really wish I could remember what they looked like... then I could paint them and someone would want to buy them, they were AH-Mazing.]

Then we went skiing. First we had to cross-country ski, and we encountered and old man who cross country skied with a golf bag on his back. The bag was filled with clubs and guns, "cuz you never know". We nodded sagely and continued on. Then we got to the point where instead of skiing we decided to go down the Zip Line.

Everyone was taking their turn, and it was really fun, even in a dream to go down a ZipLine. It was at the bottom of the zip line that I learned that the son in the other family was dating Demi Moore. It turned out that the Ashton Kutcher thing was all a fake and she had actually been dating my friend this whole time. He just didn't want the spotlight, so they made up a fake marriage for her. Annnyway, everyone was joking that the last time they went down the zipline, she was wearing a full length beaded gown. They she appeared and everyone got really serious because also, apparently, that last time, they found a dead body, or killed someone, the details are a little sketchy, so everyone thought it was terrible of them to just hide the body instead of telling the police about it. They wouldn't admit to it, but they did agree to go down the zipline again, "in case there was anything suspicious". I took this to mean that this time they were going to find it and pretend like it was the first time they were seeing the body. I was relieved.

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strovska said...

ha! this one is very funny. and how is it that our brains can come up with such amazing art and we can never really remember it when we wake up?