Sunday, January 10, 2010

babies on this brain, too

i am currently surrounded by talk of pregnancy and babies. i have two cousins each with a child under a year, another cousin who is about to give birth any day now, and my brother and his wife who are also expecting (anyone want to feel sorry for me? anyone?)

this dream was about the cousin who is about to pop.

my cousin was giving birth on top of a round conference table. there were people seated at the conference table, all business-like, watching the birth take place. i was in another room when someone yelled to me that it was "time". i came running in to see the baby's head sticking out of my cousin. this was not nearly as disturbing to me in the dream as it was remembering it when i was awake. the baby was gorgeous and had heart-shaped lips. i quickly left the room to find my camera and when i came back i was able to get a few shots before the baby popped all the way out. when she came out, i was the first to hold her. and i was in LOVE.

the best part of the dream was that john travolta (!) was seated at the table, watching the whole thing. he was so happy. i took a picture of him holding little emma, knowing this was definitely something she would be proud of in years to come.


CëRïSë said...

I'll volunteer to feel sorry for you, Mandy. Although... lots of babies does mean lots of baby heads to smell and lots of cuddling. And then you can leave them with their mothers! It could be worse. =)

strovska said...

hahaha! john travolta! i love those unexpected, weird celebrity cameos. i have to know, though--was this present-day john travolta or younger john travolta?