Monday, December 28, 2009

Chico The Chihuahua

i go through phases with dreams.  i won't remember any at all for a very long time and then suddenly i'll start remembering them again.  and the ones i do remember are usually really odd.  like a recent one i just had where i went camping and some guy from dunkin doughnuts stopped by to deliver pancakes to us every morning.  'cuz yeah, i'm pretty sure that's a service they offer!
two nights ago i dreamt that i'd been gone all day and when i came home, i found some guy in my kitchen.  it wasn't someone i recognized from real life but i guess i knew him in my dream as i didn't seem surprised to see him.  anyways, he had my little chico on a cookie sheet and was getting ready to put him in the oven.  chico was just standing there on the cookie sheet with his little tail just a waggin'!  i told the guy no, i didn't want my little dog cooked and he said, "relax, i do this all the time!"  i woke up after that and made sure my little dog was still alive.
last night i dreamed I had some woman and her two kids over.  again, not sure who the woman was as i didn't recognize her from real life but i seemed to be friends with her in the dream.  so we're sitting there talking at my kitchen table when i realized that i hadn't seen chico in awhile.  i went to go check on him and discovered that he had broken his leg.  i was really upset and trying to clean up the blood that was coming out of his leg.  i told the woman one of her son's had hurt my dog but she didn't seem to be overly concerned about it.  i was upset by her attitude and told her i needed to take my dog to the vet and that she needed to pay for it since her son did this.  she didn't want to leave though, she wanted me to sit so we could talk some more.
i don't know where shiver (my other chihuahua) was in these dreams.  i really hope these dreams aren't a forewarning of something to come.  they were really bothersome.

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strovska said...

oh, i hate pet nightmares. still, the guy saying "relax, i do this all the time" was very funny.