Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dust demon

In this dream I spent several hours using a toilet that appeared to be made of red, glittery porcelain. This toilet also appeared to be out in the open, in the middle of a museum gift shop, a little ways out from the cashiers who I was facing away from. I don't know why I was there all that time, I think it partially had to do with part of the dream that happened before this that I don't remember very well where a child molester was getting married to a woman with kids and no one would listen to me when I tried to stop it. Anyway I feel like I went to use this toilet to be away from the wedding and to be alone, which was odd, because I was definitely not alone. There were cashiers and people buying stuff and people staring at me disgusted. I was being as discrete as possible under the circumstances. I think I might have been reading something part of the time.

I don't think I dreamt how I got off the toilet I just jumped to a different location.

I was in this giant dome, it was metal and looked like it was a mechanic garage for huge machines. There were workshop areas and metal supports for holding things up to work under and tools and it was dirty and greasy. There were also huge brown tapestries hanging around the domed ceiling. They were old and ragged, hanging from a two hooks, drooping in the middle, the whole place was very Mad Max.

There were also really large, garage door is type doors in the wall of the dome all the way around.

I walked around the inside of the wall and found that there were sections that had been finished with wood paneling and rooms had been built out from the wall. At one point around the wall there was a catholic priest sitting on a folding chair next to an open door into one of the rooms. He was maybe in his late 40's, not a real old guy. He didn't seem like he wanted to talk so I kept moving.

Then I came around a corner where the rooms stopped and the wood paneling went back up against the wall. A section of the paneling had been torn off and there was a creature sticking out of the wall to it's waist, so that it was just the upper half. It wasn't alive, or it was frozen. It looked like a demon, it's fingers came to points, it had fangs and pointed ears. It looked angry, like it was clawing it's way out of the wall. It also was made of dust or fine sand.

I already knew all about this thing, I felt like I'd seen it before or dealt with it before. When I woke up I felt like I'd dreamt about it before. It was a monster and that had been trapped somehow as it tried to reform out of the stuff behind the wood paneling.

I was still mad about everything so I decided to close all the big doors to the dome so I could watch a movie on the huge projector that I knew was in the dome somewhere.

Now there was a kid in the dome with me while I went around to close the doors. he was kinda annoying me, he was probably about 10 or so and he thought it was so cool how the doors closed. The doors were automated and folded closed like the lid of a Chinese food container.

I'd gotten most of the doors closed when I had to pass by the demon thing again. It now looked like it had a think layer of fussy dust growing all over it, and it twitched. I could tell it was coming back to life.

The dome was very dark now with most of the doors closed. I grabbed the kid and we ran behind something and hid. I could see the demon moving. It started dragging itself out of the wall, it's lower body was mostly formed from the fuzzy dust, so it wasn't fully working. It crawled across the floor of the dome really fast, all the way across to where the priest was sitting. It grabbed the priest and dragged him along with it into the open door he'd been sitting next to. The door slammed shut and I could hear the priest screaming.

I pulled the kid with me out one of the last doors that was still open, out of the dome. Over to were the wedding was supposed to be. It had been called off. There was a man there that looked distraught and seemed to be having a breakdown. I guess he'd known about the groom and finally broke down and said something, and the groom had been arrested.

I was just trying to get him to calm down so that I could tell him about the demon.

I don't remember if anything else happened after that, and then I woke up.

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