Wednesday, October 7, 2009

movie dream

I had a weird "movie" dream last night (one of those where the story isn't really about you and seems to be like experiencing a movie instead of watching it). All I really remember was a marital-infidelity storyline. A woman with heavy eye makeup and almost-80s-style braided hair had discovered her husband having an affair when they both [husband and wife] happened to be in the same hotel in Vietnam, unbeknownst to each other. The husband questioned how she could have found out, and there was a flashback to the wife (still with very heavy eye makeup) swimming in an infinity pool at a hotel. Then the camera panned to the man, cavorting with a January Jones lookalike. The wife slowly swam over to get a better view, practically next to them, but the dallying couple was oblivious to her presence. Then she went upstairs to her room, visibly disturbed. There were some interesting interior decoration/architectural details like openwork walls/screens, and the lighting was moodily done.

Then there was another storyline that was no longer a movie, about a neighboring house burning down. We lived somewhere in the deep south, and everything was very soggy, so I'm not sure how the house managed to burn down so completely while wet.

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