Friday, October 30, 2009

how could i forget johnny depp?

I guess the most astonishing part of last night's dreaming is that I realized later that I had dreamed about {adolescence alert!} kissing Johnny Depp and forgotten about it. I always thought that was the sort of dream that should be more memorable [glossing right over it being pretty embarrassing to admit to having such a boilerplate Romantic Fantasy bit in a dream].

The very last part of the dream was pleasant too. I dreamed that I made an almost-instant friend at Target. We bonded over gentle mockery of Helicopter Parenting. Either the new friend morphed from a middle-aged woman with dark-rimmed glasses and short dark hair, or there were two people at first and the woman disappeared, but the friend turned out to be a tall nordic-looking guy with a beard. He mentioned that as a child he was given a "farthing" every day and told to go buy a dairy-based treat with some germanic-sounding name. In the dream I recognized the brand name as something distinctively Swiss, so I got excited and asked him if he was from Switzerland. He said, "no, I'm from grmphshmumblemumble". I kept asking him to repeat himself, and every time I had no idea what he was saying. It was so frustrating, since I was really curious about where he was from.

The part of the dream before that was less relaxing. I was driving with a lot of other people on an elevated roadway. It's hard to explain, but the impression was akin to caravanning with tiny little go-cart-like vehicles that resembled shrunken 1950s and 60s cars. We came to a point in the route where we had to jump, with or without vehicles, to exit the elevated highway. There was water below, contained in a series of lock-like walls of various size. The first couple of people revved up their cars and successfully made the jump, but my car fell into the water. It turned out to not be a big deal, since the water was shallow. Someone else left her car entirely and jumped over the side to land on her feet in the water, saying that her mother had warned her the water was shallow here and she shouldn't try to jump in it with her car. Throughout this scene, the perspective was very weird, almost like the perspective when you're playing with dolls as a child. That's really the only way I can think of to explain it.


mandy said...

with all sincerity, i implore you, write a book about your dreams. they are priceless.

CëRïSë said...

They ARE priceless! Kissing Johnny Depp: that's just beautiful.

strovska said...

oh yes, well, it WAS beautiful. and then i forgot about it, which is the part that scares me.

mandy, i wish i were enterprising enough. i would find a book like that entertaining (but then i'm easily entertained).