Sunday, September 20, 2009


i haven't posted in a long time because i haven't remembered my dreams in a long while or i'll only remember just bits and pieces which aren't necessarily all that interesting.

i've babysat my parents parakeet, sunshine, three or four times now.  she's a pretty little thing and can be quite entertaining at times.  i'm currently taking care of her and these are two dreams i've had about her.  the first one is from several months ago, the second one i had just this morning.

i realized that sunshine had been quiet for most of the day and figured i should probably go check on her to make sure she was ok.  normally she chirps throughout the day but in the dream, she had been silent.  i found her sitting at the bottom of the cage and thought that was a little unusual for her so i stepped up to take a closer look.  and there, clutched in her claws was a mouse about half the size of her!  she wasn't pecking at it or trying to eat it or anything, she was just holding on to it with all her might.  i couldn't help but wonder first of all how a mouse could have gotten into her cage and secondly, why it wasn't trying to escape.  i could see clearly that it was still alive.

this morning i dreamed i was at home and arguing with someone.  i was nervous that the loud noise of us yelling might bother sunshine so i went to check on her.  i had to blink a couple of times because she was light blue with dark blue feathers.  as i stared at her, she turned completely white and then her normal yellow with black and gray markings.  i stood there with my mouth hanging open trying to figure out how she managed to magically changed colors before my very eyes.

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