Tuesday, September 15, 2009

back to school

I had sort of a back-to-school dream last night. I was getting set up in a dorm, my roommate seemed nice, I had some cute clothes and dorm furnishings, so overall it was agreeable. There was an unpleasant bit where I got hung up on getting ready to go to the library to study, though. I kept putting on more and more and more makeup, wondering why I was doing it and why it wasn't making me look better [and now I wonder what that was all about, because it was significantly more makeup than I ever actually wear]. I made a resolution that I was just going to stop where I was, go to the library, try not to worry about looking like a clown, and henceforth be an effortless natural beauty (!). I felt rather optimistic about my future as an E.N.B.

The other disagreeable part of the dream was my ex-boyfriend calling just as I was getting ready to leave. I was puzzled about how he had gotten my new number so quickly, and I was really annoyed because, although I didn't have anything against talking to him from time to time, I had a sense that he was going to start calling really frequently and I wouldn't be able to figure out how to get him to stop without being rude and hurting his feelings.

And I just had a flashback to a dream that I had completely forgotten, from a few weeks ago. I don't remember the story line, just images. It involved a fantastically overcrowded house (not mine) and a blues singer. The whole atmosphere was very Deep South.


Curly Sue said...

Ah, the back to school dream. I bet you had really cute fall clothes too.

strovska said...

i did! i can't remember any details, though.

on a related note, it occurred to me the other day that most of my clothes dreams feature a lot of dresses, even though i hardly ever wear dresses in real life. i wonder what that means....