Wednesday, August 26, 2009

anthony bourdain strikes again

All I can remember from last night's dreams are that Anthony Bourdain showed up again, which alarmed me a little. I don't think he had a major role, just a short cameo appearance. The main plotline involved a huge boulder-like formation of very hard red clay. At irregular intervals it would turn orange and then change to a pudding-like or jello-like texture, which was dangerous for anyone who didn't get off as soon as the color started changing (I think there was also a warning siren). There were a couple of kids playing on it, and some panic about where they were and whether they would manage to get off in time or were too absorbed in their play to notice the warning. There was also someone who had a big drilling machine* and was getting ready to drill into the rock/clay/pudding. Maybe that was where Anthony Bourdain came in--maybe he was the guy with the drill?

On looking at this written out, I feel like I should issue a disclaimer: I am not obsessed with Anthony Bourdain, and the part about drilling should not be interpreted in a...let's say Freudian...manner.

*I blame this part on the fact that we recently bought some used drill stem to use as fence posts.

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