Thursday, July 30, 2009


I dreamed that I was with a group of people that included my boyfriend and Strovska (of Queen Vacancy, who is an old friend in real life). We were watching a movie in a big room, and I noticed that I was being swarmed with mosquitoes. I kept swatting the mosquitoes, and blowing on them to get them away. They seemed to be increasing in numbers, floating around me and biting me. In the dream, I was surprisingly calm about all this. I couldn't feel the bites as they were happening, but I knew they'd make lots of itchy bites later (this is what happens to me in real life).

Finally Strovska noticed that I was having trouble, and she and my boyfriend started helping me kill the mosquitoes. Eventually, I found myself lying in bed with the covers up to my chin, trying to protect myself from the biting. Strovska was proving to be a great mosquito killer; she could just snatch them out of the air. I was impressed and told her so. She said "I'm an expert, just Google it!" I think she was telling my boyfriend to look her up on Google and he'd learn how she came to be an expert.

At some point, I lifted up the covers and looked down inside the bed. There were a couple of mosquitoes under the covers and that worried me, since I thought I was protected from them.


strovska said...


i am an expert--just google it.

CëRïSë said...