Friday, June 26, 2009

the haircutting copier repairman

I dreamed last night that I was very busy at work (as I actually am) and that I needed to get a haircut (which I actually do). Since I didn't have time to leave work during the day to get a haircut, I made an appointment for a house-call haircut in the evening. Apparently the guy who fixes our constantly-breaking-down printer at work also cut hair on the side! So I made an appointment, he came and cut my hair (we were living in a high-rise apartment building, weirdly), and he had just finished with the haircut when my husband came home. My husband started throwing a huge fit about this strange man being in his house and my having made this after-hours haircut appointment without letting him know. It was understandable that he not be completely happy about it, I suppose, but his fit-throwing was really out of proportion to the situation. The poor copier repairman/hairstylist (who, by the way, is not AT ALL "my type", although I couldn't seem to convince my husband of this) was pretty disconcerted and, instead of staying to eat, as we had talked about, I think he hightailed it out of there. Weird. I don't even think I got a chance to look at my hair and see how the new haircut looked.

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