Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Day on the Job

I was in a car with a guy, at first sitting very close to him holding hands in the truck as if we were dating. But then he said something I didn't like, so I moved over to the passenger seat. We drove approached a campus, which had lots of buildings with interesting architecture. I hand him the pass to get on campus. He had been there before, but it was my first time. The guard lets us through the gate and we drive to one of the buildings on the left. We take our equipment (in black suitcase-type boxes) and carry it upstairs. We stop in the first room. I take something from the box to begin cleaning the equipment. The person in the room takes the other piece of the equipment and hooks it up to their camera to do its work. I introduce myself to the person in the room as the new service tech. When we are done, I give the person the receipt and go to the next room through an adjoining door in the wall. This room is much smaller. A man of Middle Eastern descent is sitting on a small room talking on a cell phone. He sees me and acknowledges me by nodding his head. A person sitting in his chair to get a picture taken gets up and leaves the room. I put the black box down and open it, then turn to clean the equipment. He has the phone to his hear and uses one hand to hook up the other piece of the equipment to his camera. Then he gets off the phone and stands up to introduce himself. He hugs me and tells me his name is something that begins with an S. He says I could call him a more American-sounding name, but I try to pronounce his name twice in the correct way. The man sits back down. Then a younger man comes into the room asking about the receipts we give out. I could tell by S. reaction that this guy goes around begging. I had the feeling the young guy was trying to steal the equipment so I started to move in front of the box in case he tried to steal it.

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