Monday, May 25, 2009

Beer Foam Races

I dreamed that I was part of some kind of promotional contest taking place in a grocery store. I was going to be racing another contestant (nameless, faceless guy) through the grocery store, down aisles lined with our supporters: my race course was lined with mine, and his course was lined with his. Apparently, this contest was attended mostly by kids--about fourth grade through high school.

Apparently this contest required a lot of strutting around, a lot of trash talking, and a lot of high-fiving and saying, "YEAH!" (all activities foreign to my personality). Anyway, after a lot of this "bonding" with our fans, we lined up with our backs against the meat counter (??) and the race finally started. It turned out to be a very short race and I don't even know who won. We ran down a short aisle, made a right turn, and sprinted down the final distance. Both of us then strutted and high-fived our ways back to the starting point. I guess the older teenagers were sitting together near the starting point and they had been holding beer bottles behind the meat counter, shaking them up. When I arrived back at the starting point, the teenagers opened the beer bottles and started spraying me with beer foam in celebration (remember, I don't actually know if I won).

I started laughing really hard (again, really out of character) and shouted over to the other contestant to take a picture of me, covered in beer foam. At this point, the foam was in big piles, like snowdrifts. When I went over to look at the picture on his digital camera, I was surprised to discover that I was wearing an above-the-knee, white, pleated skirt and a navy blue shirt with (possibly) saddle shoes. I was surprised to learn that I had been running in a skirt and the possibility occurred to me that that might have been the reason for all the support from the teenage boys.


strovska said...

wow. i don't think i've ever had a dream in which i was this far out of character.

mandy said...

i'm curious, is there ANY part of you that relates to this dream? could this be a hidden dimension of your personality? so interesting. love the high-fives.

Curly Sue said...

Mandy: I have NO idea. When I woke up and realized what I had just dreamed, I laughed out loud in the middle of the night. It was that ridiculous.