Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad Owner

I came home to an apartment I shared with a roommate (my ex). I was rushing to get ready to go back out again. My roommate needed the place to himself. I was trying to get ready, then suddenly remembered I had a dog. My dog was a black Labrador retriever. She came out looking a little emaciated and dehydrated. I had forgotten to leave out food and water for her all day and did not walk her before I left that morning. I was apologizing to the dog, thinking she would be mad and not come to me, but she was still very sweet and just happy for me to be home. I filled her food bowl with extra kibble from the bag and filled up two bowls of water. I still did not have enough time to go for a long walk, so I asked my roommate if he could let her out for five minutes, so she wouldn't go in the apartment. I felt guilty for rushing out again.


strovska said...

i've had dreams about completely forgetting i had pets and almost letting them starve (forgetting them for days and days, not just one). i wonder if there's a significance to pet abandonment in dreams.

CëRïSë said...

I feel like we should have a "forgetting" tag. Those dreams are the worst, especially when what you've forgotten is something living and helpless, like a pet or a baby.

I think it just represents our stress at the multiple things we constantly have to juggle in our lives, and our fear of forgetting. We have the dreams because we do care, not because we don't.