Sunday, May 17, 2009

baby mama

about a week ago i watched "the business of being born" at a friend's request. i'm surprised it took a full week for my dreams to be influenced.

i was pregnant. there really wasn't any back story (like why i was pregnant, who the father was, etc). i was going in for a checkup at the hospital. my mother was with me. i went into labor. i was now in a wheelchair. i felt the contractions (this makes me wonder if i had gas last night? what was it that i was feeling?) i was then in an exam room (doctor office style) and waiting. The contractions kept coming closer. i knew it was time to have the baby, even though my mom was assuring me that i was overly optimistic and that there's no way it was going to be that quick. but i was sure. and then i reached down and felt the head (ewww) and then my mom started to believe me and tried to get the doctor's attention. my response? eh. we can do this. it'll be ok (that totally came from watching that documentary).

i remember thinking this really doesn't hurt that much. i mean, yeah, it hurts. but it's not THAT bad.

and then i woke up.

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Prekgirl said...

and then you woke up is right!