Friday, April 24, 2009

So Close to Hoochie Class

I was carrying two very large books back to the library. Each book was about 3-4 inches thick. I could barely wrap my arms around them. There were about 5 -6 other people walking in the same direction to the library. The people ahead of me would open the door and then each person behind would hold it open for the person behind. Since the books were in my arms, I had to use my feet and hips to keep the door open until the next person could hold it open for themselves. The books kept shifting in my arms. I held onto them until I got to the library. The library had two sets of glass doors - first set went outside and the second door went into the library. There was about 6-8 feet of waiting space in between. As I walked through the waiting space, the books slipped from my arms. I held one under my chin; the other one slipped down. I tried to hold on to it as it fell past my hips and the slipped to my knees. When it finally fell on the floor, I said to myself, "I was so close."

Scene switch: I am standing in the living room of my childhood home (post renovations). I was on the laptop signing into my online class. I got to the page and it listed two course in which I was enrolled. I checked the first class (began with R) to see if the instructor posted any materials to read the day before the class began. The website was designed with pictures of scantily clad Black women (as seen in any rap video). Written on top of the pictures were greetings and questions from the students enrolled in the class - like graffiti wall. I knew I didn't want to talk this class. Messages from the instructor scrolled across the top of the page. I read that the class was fully enrolled and many people had committed to attending (which was normal). I thought I needed to drop the class soon so someone on the wait list could get in.

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I Hope So said...

hoochie class. that's funny.

also liked the "i was so close" part of the first scene.