Wednesday, April 8, 2009

saving ewan mcgregor's relationship

I had a dream the other night that I was somewhere in a big group setting (surprise!). There were tables in a cavernous gym-like building, and people were milling around or sitting at the tables, although I don't remember what they were actually doing. I was observing Ewan McGregor (?!) and his girlfriend, who was a fairly nondescript girl with short-ish blond-ish hair, who gave off a faintly desperate vibe like the least-attractive member of a popular clique. Ewan had a very large, loutish friend who kept obnoxiously coming on to his girlfriend. The problem was that Ewan didn't seem to notice, and kept urging his girlfriend to go do whatever it was that the lout was inviting her to do. She was clearly upset about the whole thing.

I could see that bad things were going to happen if he didn't get a clue, but I didn't want to be that meddlesome, so I called his girlfriend over (I also didn't want to talk to him because I knew that would make her think I was coming on to him). I told her that I saw what was going on, and urged her to talk to Ewan about it and let him know how she felt and that she needed him to be more protective of her, because she was feeling insecure and unwanted at his apparent indifference.

The girlfriend completely, willfully didn't get that I was just trying to help, and she started yelling at me that I was a terrible person, I was just trying to ruin her relationship and steal her boyfriend, I didn't know anything about anything, I needed to stay away from her, etc. etc*. It was very embarassing and maddening, but I think I just slunk off instead of trying to justify my intentions.

After that I was on--wait for it!--a group trip. I don't remember who else was there, whether it was mostly people from my distant past or just stock dream characters, but the boy I had a crush on in elementary school was there, adult but otherwise pretty much the same. He was trying to get a coffee maker to work. He thought it was a French press, but it turned out it was a drip machine tricked out to look like a big, complicated French press. Then we were all getting ready to go on a group outing (church, maybe; something similarly institutional) and I was trying to find something to wear [here we go again with the repeated themes]. I was thinking about a dark-grey long-sleeved t-shirt under a mustard-print dress, but I wasn't sure if I had the shoes and accessories to pull it together, I wasn't sure if it was weather-appropriate, and I was stressed about getting ready in time.

At some point in the latter part of the dream I remembered being bawled out by E. McGregor's girlfriend and congratulated myself on having forgotten about it, seeing that as a sign of good mental health.

*An interesting variation on the dreams where people are berating me, since it's usually family members doing it.


CëRïSë said...

Best dream title ever! Also, I love the part about remembering that you had forgotten. Nice.

Curly Sue said...

Yeah, I was also going to mention that meta-dreaming moment. It's interesting that you recalled that in a second dream. And I think that your dream self deserved that pat on the back.

I like your recurring themes: I wish I could find some in my dreams. Maybe my theme is chaos and randomness.