Saturday, April 11, 2009

LASIK recovery at home

I was at home in Far Rockaway after LASIK surgery. I came upstairs from my hiding spot in the basement with my goggles on. I surprised family by being home. My mom was happy I had LASIK, brother, sister and nephew were there. I hugged all of them. I went into the kitchen and saw some guy in the dining room mirror who looked like my father. I went to hug him, but realized as I got closer it wasn't the same person. The cornea flap in my left eye kept coming up. I felt it undo itself. I could see in the mirror that it was flipping up from the bottom and I couldn't flip it back down. I was getting really nervous and wanted to call after hours care. At first, family said to wait, but then I said, "No, I want to call right now." I was calling 411 and asked for Duke and the operator gave the wrong number. I realized I was calling from NY. Decided to use my cell phone to make sure I was calling 919 to ask for Duke after hours number. I remember the number ended in 1111. I was looking frantically for the post-operation paperwork in my bags. I just found the paper and then I heard this song that I had only heard before on a show I was watching on television with my sister.


CëRïSë said...

Eeps! That eye business is creepy.

Pamela R.A.W. said...

I got the surgery done yesterday and had the post-op visit today. The doctor said that my left eye had some inflammation and increased the frequency of the eye drops. How's THAT for creepy!

Curly Sue said...

Wow, that cornea flapping description just made me feel woozy.