Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cold and scolded

I've been having the most annoying and sleep-interfering dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that for some reason (there was a reason, it just wasn't very valid and I can't remember it) my husband wanted to spend the night in some sort of waiting room somewhere. I was really unhappy about it because the seats were upholstered in vinyl and I knew I would be cold. I suggested that if we absolutely had to spend the night in a waiting room, it would be better to move to a nearby one with cloth upholstery. There was something unworkable about that, though (according to him), so I resigned myself to pulling my socks up as high as possible and pulling my skirt down as far as possible and hoping they wouldn't ride down or up respectively and expose me to the cold vinyl. I was wearing a very weird combination of knee socks and a lacy skirt, like one of those 80s Laura Ashley jobs with the ruffles and ribbons.

Then I dreamed that I was at some institution peopled by past and present coworkers and people from my high school. There was a system wherein people were assigned to work in the cafeteria on weekends and evenings, and I had somehow been assigned two shifts in short succession without realizing it. I saw a missed call on my cell phone and then got an angry message from the other cafeteria-shift workers, berating me for being late. I hurried to get there and was greeted with more scolding, even though they had everything perfectly under control (except that my present boss, who is very nice but just a tiny bit absent-minded, had gone off to buy some ingredients and they were worried about him getting back in time).

Sometimes I wake up more tired than I was before I went to sleep.

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