Tuesday, March 17, 2009

was she bleeding?

just started watching a rerun of csi and it reminded me of a dream last night.

i was in some sort of a convenience store. a woman and a young boy came in. the woman was freaked out and shaking and we instinctively knew that she had been raped. me and another man went to her car (apparently the scene of the crime) to collect evidence (i guess we were csi type people?). i was in the back seat, he was kneeling in the driver seat looking back in my direction, and the young boy (presumably her son) was in the passenger seat. my "partner" (i guess that's who he was supposed to be) and i were talking about what must have happened when i realized that we could be traumatizing the young boy. i told my partner this and he replied something along the lines of: it's too late, he's already traumatized. he was here when it happened.

as if that wasn't creepy enough, right then there was a loud knock on the back window, right above my head. the knock startled me and all three of us looked up at the window. there was a white man, late 40s, with long brown hair - very sketchy looking. on the right side of the car there was a young black kid. we immediately knew the man was the rapist and the boy had led him to us. the creepy man looked at us and asked excitedly, in a very sinister voice: was she bleeding?

then i woke up.

freaked me the hell out.


Curly Sue said...

Oh, eww. So creepy!

CëRïSë said...

There's no creepy quite like dream creepy, and you captured this one so well that I'm creeped out too.

strovska said...

ew, yes. very creepy.