Friday, March 13, 2009

Tango eye exam

I was with a friend, JH, from tango. We were going to this hotel. She was going to the dance, but I was going for an eye exam upstairs in the hotel. I got to the exam room, and it was actually our tango teacher, JL. Instead of testing my eyes, he was testing me with these esoteric riddles and weird facts that only he knew. I felt stupid and realized I didn't have to be there. So I told him I wanted to take the eye exam with my opthamologist. I ran out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. On the elevator I saw my friend, JH, as she was leaving. I called to her. She said hi. I asked her for a ride home. The elevator took me to the first floor, which was past where I needed to go to meet her. It went to the first floor and then straight out the doors (as if I were on a people mover). I saw my friend outside, coming up from the stairs. It was raining hard outside, so we made a mad dash to her car. A woman coming from the direction of the parking lot told us that it was flooded. I could see large muddy puddles all around. My friend and I weren't worried because she had a 4x4, so we knew we could get out. We went down the incline to the parking lot - which had two section. The first section was where I usually parked, which was really muddy. Cars were stuck in certain spots and would have difficulty gettting out. I said aloud, "I know not to park there again". We walked to the back part of the lot - passed by the front grill of a silver Mercedes Benz that had been torn off the car - and walked to the far end to her car. She was parked near the valet office, behind a motorcycle. Two people got on the motorcycle and drove off. We pulled forward and made a right turn into a place where they were fixing trains.

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