Thursday, March 19, 2009

racist photographer

I dreamed that there had been a big tornado in the city where I live, and everything was pretty devastated. I guess I had missed the action, because I wasn't all that concerned about it, and apparently nothing I owned had been damaged. I was looking at a collection of photographs that had been taken of the damage. They were really beautiful photographs, with a lot of close-ups of people caught in action. The overall effect was kind of a surreal carnival of destruction. As I looked at them I became very disturbed, though, because everyone in the photos was black*, and I realized that a lot of the photos were deliberately ambiguous in a way that would make the viewer surmise that the people in them were looting or engaged in some other dubious activity. I was really mad that the photographer had couched such an insidiously racist message in such beautiful pictures.

*This is not a city with a large number of blacks, which is significant to the point of the dream.

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Curly Sue said...

I read your title as "racist pornographer," which will lead to lots of jokes about where my mind has been spending its time. har har.