Friday, March 27, 2009


i was hanging out with my family in my grandparent's home (my immediate family used to live in this home for several years when my grandparents lived in colorado). out of the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of a large mountain lion jumping up onto the roof. this spooked me and i immediately reported it to my family. my parents were skeptical that it was actually a mountain lion and offered that it was most likely a dog. i was convinced, however, that it was indeed a mountain lion. we sat quietly in the living room and listened for the animal. we heard the mountain lion walking on the roof. the footsteps were very loud and distinct. my mother stated that it was in the attic. she then turned to me and asked if i had ever been in the attic. i said i hadn't. listening to the mountain lion walking on the roof made me very nervous. i was sure that it was stalking us and waiting for an opportunity to kill and eat us.

eventually we decided to sneak out of a window in a back bedroom. we then began walking down a long dirt road. after making it several miles down the dirt road and away from our house, i turned around to see the mountain lion running towards us at full speed. it was terrifying and i stood very still. the mountain lion then ran right past us and turned into a very large black sheep. i relaxed when i saw that it was just a sheep and commented to my mother that the whole event reminded me of the movie jumanji.

we continued down the long dirt road as other, non-distinct animals ran past us at varying speeds. eventually my mother pointed out a large peacock (it was the size of an ostrich) behind a fence. the peacock was completely white. the feathers were fanned out and they had an iridescent shimmer to them. we both ran over to the fence to get a closer look. we had to climb down a slippery hill that was immediately adjacent to the fence in order to get closer. we sat down and watched the peacock in awe. after a few moments i turned around and noticed that a large crowd had joined us.


i didn't remember this dream until i went on a walk this morning and passed by a pit bull who was wandering around off-leash. i came back home and looked up dream meanings about animals because the dream felt very significant. as is typical with dream interpretations, they were all over the place. but it seems that what they had in common is they interpret animal dreams as representing very primal emotions. anyone want to take a crack at interpreting this for me?

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CëRïSë said...

It seems pretty significant to me that the dangerous animal turned into something harmless and ended up not being a threat although it had frightened you so badly. It suggests to me that you're realizing you're capable of dealing with difficult situations, and that they're really not as bad as you may fear. (Not a startlingly revelatory interpretation, I know!)