Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amusement Park Voodoo Ride

I dreamed that I was at an amusement park with a group of friends. I had been there before, and knew that I wanted to take my friends on one particular ride. It was more of an Experience than just a ride. It was run by a woman who conveyed the impression that she was a Haitian voodoo practitioner and that voodoo played a part in the ride. Basically, you sat down at her table and she would say some spooky incantations. In front of her was a bowl of Kandy Korn-shaped candy (but each piece was either red, black, or white) and you would eat a few pieces as she talked. There was some kind of drug in the candy and it would kick in later. You started out the adventure ride in her apartment and then you'd somehow get to the top of a really tall tower, climb into a boxy car, and then basically free-fall to the bottom. Because of the drug in the candy, you'd blank out what happened next, so your next awareness would be in a DIFFERENT room, decorated in a lavender-heavy Victorian style. On the dresser was a pile of legal-sized papers that revealed where you really were, which was so mindblowing (but I can't remember exactly why) that you were totally excited about this ride. You couldn't believe how you ended up in this Victorian room with a truly giant bed.

Anyway, I took my friends on this ride, but somehow the lady messed it up (like when someone tells a joke wrong) and nobody's mind was blown this time. All of my friends thought it was just OK and I was really disappointed.

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