Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mel Gibson Movie

I dreamed that I was alternately watching and participating in a Mel Gibson action movie. He was sporting the long-ish mullet from the Lethal Weapon years, pulled back in a "The Patriot" kind of ponytail.

In one of the scenes in which I was *in* the movie, Mel, another person, and I were involved in a boat chase in which our boat either sunk or was blown up. We ended up in the water, diving deep to avoid the bullets shooting into the water from the bad guys' boat.

Later, we were doing some kind of stakeout in a warehouse. We knew that the bad guys would be returning soon so we were disguising our little spot in the loft. I think that there was art smuggling involved. We were going to record their conversation.

One of the bad guys had wispy blond hair. He was the one shooting at us.

At no point was I afraid...somehow I knew it was a movie all along, even though my dream awareness of that came and went.

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