Monday, February 2, 2009


I was at a friend's apartment, and there was a call for me on her phone. It was my secondary adviser, and his wife (also an art historian, though not at the U) was also on the line. He asked me if I'd "done the research on the Indians," a question I'd apparently promised I'd look into last summer. I had to admit that I hadn't and that I was a big disappointment as a student and scholar. It turned out that he was asking about Hiawatha and Minnehaha (which happen to be the names of two streets here in Mpls). I mentioned the tiny marble busts I'd seen of the two at the Detroit Institute of Arts, done by Harriet Hosmer,* and how much I loved them because they were sparkly.

*I looked this up just now, and they were actually by Edmonia Lewis.

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