Sunday, December 7, 2008


I dreamed that I was walking down a dirt road toward a high school called Mayfair High School (no place that I'm familiar with). I was with two other people, one my size and one a child. We were looking for someone named Mandy (a person that I used to know from my elementary/church days in real life). She was meant to be at this school. I'm not sure why we were looking for her.

As we walked toward the school, we were reminding each other that since we'd be in public, we'd need to adjust to hide our wings (!). Yes, apparently we three had angel-like wings on our shoulder blades, and I distinctly remember the action of adjusting my wings so that they were concealed beneath my clothes. (I don't think we were really angels, we just had wings.)

When we reached the school, my companions faded away and I was walking down the corridors alone. There were various features of schools: posters, kids in the halls, tables. I ended up in a gymnasium where I was invited to stay for an event. One of the classes was having an apple-tasting, wherein we would walk around to various tables and sample different kinds of apples (I've actually done this in real life, so there's a precedent). As I stood in line, I met BNB (real life boyfriend) and we started talking as we made our rotation of the apple-tasting stations. I sensed that he was about to ask me to go home with him after the event and I realized that this meant that we'd have to have a conversation about the wings before he was startled by them. As we stood in line, I was considering how to break this news to him: how do you explain that you have wings?


CëRïSë said...

What a fascinating dream! Have you seen Northfork?

strovska said...

wow. that was very surreal.

Curly Sue said...

No, I haven't seen Northfork, but I'll look it up.