Wednesday, December 3, 2008

clothes and dogs (but no dogs in clothes)

I had a couple of tangentially clothes-related dreams last week. The directly clothes-related one was one of those I have periodically where I'm getting ready to go on a group trip (yes, again). I was younger, college age, and was getting ready to go on a trip to Paris with an assortment of girls I've known at various times in my life (everyone in the dream was college age). The interesting thing was that instead of the usual scrabbling around through very disparate and bizarre (and often child-size) items, all of the available clothes were really great. They were all interesting and well-made and went together perfectly and were perfect for the place and season. It was one of the best clothes dreams I've had in a while. Looking back on it, the clothes in the dream were significantly more elaborate and frilly than what I normally like, but in the dream they were perfect.

While all the girls were running around assembling clothes, a guy I know showed up, apparently also bound for Paris. In real life he's not at all a fan of "girliness", and apparently this was true in the dream too. He stood around for a couple of minutes looking bemused (and about 6 inches taller than in real life), then quietly disappeared from the girly fray. It's a good thing, because after that the action shifted to an Anthropologie-like store where several girls were examining handmade jewelry with plans to make similar items.

The other dream involved an investigation into a killing spree. I was just a spectator, but it wasn't an overtly "movie" dream. The detectives were investigating on several fronts. There was an animal expert who was "interviewing" pit bulls by sitting on their backs as they lay on the floor and talking to them (I'm not sure how forthcoming they were, but the police seemed to set a lot of stock in this method, even though the killer was human). The head detective was apparently not a pit bull fan. He said, "in this investigation we've discovered that there are pit bulls ALL OVER L.A. It's scary!"

The other special investigator brought in was...Anna Wintour (yes, the editor of Vogue). She was specializing in interpreting for the interrogation process. They said she had been "working a lot with Puerto Ricans". I guess she got tired of fashion and decided to branch out, although this was apparently just a side gig, in addition to Vogue.

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Curly Sue said...

1. I can't believe you had a dream about the editor of Vogue.

2. Your clothes dreams just astound me.