Monday, November 3, 2008


I was going to an Imax with a bunch of friends. There was a long line, and they were letting us in slowly, from two doors, in small groups. We had to go down several flights of narrow, steep stairs before we arrived at the auditorium. When we did, I was very disoriented, as it was dark and difficult to see. But the people I was with saw our friends, who had reserved almost an entire row of seats for all of us. There were people I knew from high school, college, and Italy.

My friend Annie said it was her birthday and another friend's birthday, and that they were sitting in the very front row because there was going to be some sort of announcement or something. I felt terrible that I hadn't told her happy birthday earlier.

There was a seat open by a cute Italian friend of mine, so I sat beside him, though I was a little shy. We started chatting in Italian, but mine was rusty and awkward. I noticed that he had really nice eyelashes and remembered how cute I'd thought he was when I was over there. The movie started, and it had a very Amelie/Wes Anderson feel to it. A woman in shiny cherry-red pumps was walking across a grate or swinging bridge--something rather treacherous in those shoes, but whimsical at the same time. The Italian and I commented to each other on it, gesturing, and our hands brushed against each other and the fingers held, resting on the seat between us. The friend on the other side of me noticed, and said, "He's got your hand!" I smiled sheepishly and enjoyed how his hand felt around mine, warm and friendly.

And then, no joke, my alarm went off and woke me from the best dream in recent memory.


I Hope So said...

i love this dream. and you described it so vividly. i love those dreams where you have that flutter and you can actually *feel* the skin to skin contact. having the dream interrupted by an alarm isn't so great, though.

strovska said...

aw, that sounds so nice.

strovska said...

and the shoes were a nice touch. i always like to see shoes make a cameo dream appearance.