Monday, November 10, 2008

the Floodlight Murderer

I had a really grisly dream snippet the other morning. I think it was unrelated to whatever I had been dreaming before, but there was apparently a serial killer on the loose. He was leaving his victims propped up in upright positions (most with expressions of shock on their faces), with a big hole cut out of the middle. In the hole, he left a big floodlight-type flashlight as his trademark (not on, just sticking out of the hole). I told my husband about it and he was somewhat offended because we have a flashlight just like that, and thought I was making him out to be The Bad Guy (although he was not one of the suspects). Oddly, I didn't find this dream all that alarming; it was more like idly watching one of those crime programs on TV--actually, it was significantly less alarming than those programs.

[Out of 5 dreams tagged "murder", 4 are mine; and the only two dealing with serial killers are mine. What is my problem?]

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