Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last night's dreams were all pretty strange, but perhaps the most surreal moment was when my neighbor, her boyfriend, and Snoop Dogg (I think) came into my apartment all dressed in purple and wanting my opinion on the clothes they were going to wear to a wedding they were in.

My neighbor's boyfriend was in a royal purple, crushed velour vest with a lavender shirt and a baby blue tie. He had matching royal purple slacks. My neighbor was wearing something similar, also royal purple, but it was more of a crushed velour jumper. Snoop Dogg had on a royal purple top, but lavender slacks.

My neighbors were the ones in the wedding; I guess Snoop Dogg was just there to help them model clothes. He seemed a little sensitive when I asked something like, "Do you all have lavender pants--?"

I think the wedding was to be that afternoon, and my neighbors were kind of freaking out about what would look best. I did like the suit with the vest and tie, and remembered thinking it was interesting to assign a color or material (crushed velour?) to your wedding party, and then let them go wild and surprise you.

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strovska said...

snoop dogg!

i'm glad the phone didn't ring while i was reading this, because i would have had to suppress snorts of laughter.