Tuesday, August 12, 2008

gwyneth and julia

Well...it had been a while, so I guess it was time for some celebrities to show up.

In this dream I was reading one of those magazines that has fawning profiles of celebrities. There was a long and in-depth one of Gwyneth Paltrow, with lots of pictures. As per usual, they were talking about how serene and well-balanced and happy she was, and how she managed to "get everything done" and blah blah. She had shelved yoga (or so they hinted) in favor of a new running regime. Something high-level runners did, involving running with your legs twisted to use a rarely-used muscle (sounded painful and risky). The pictures of her were nice, although she didn't look quite like herself. Her smile was very forced, and in some of the pictures she had bangs, while in others she didn't--in the ones with bangs she looked very 70s. Somewhere in the article there was a patronizing phrase like "we realize now, this is a mid-level woman" (phrased oddly, but meant to mean that she was middle-aged: "She's OLD! She's no longer in her 20s!"). After I read that sentence I looked closer at the pictures and, sure enough, she was a tiny bit wrinkly around the eyes. I wondered if that was why the smile looked forced.

Then there was a little blurb with photo about Julia Roberts and her children*. She had twin girls, named Hazel and Dawn, and a baby boy. The caption referred to the girls as "Hazy and Dawn" and I wondered with a start if that Hazy/Dawn thing was intentional. I also found it very startling that the girls looked exactly like I did at 3 or 4.

*I haven't exactly kept up with her procreation situation, but I think she does actually have a child named Hazel--although I thought that this Hazel had a fraternal male twin.

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CëRïSë said...

I think I should take up yoga, since running really does have tendencies to be painful and risky...