Monday, August 4, 2008

dream theme interpretation needed

dear dream blog contributors,

one of my more disturbing reoccurring dream themes is that of my mother hating me. i mean seriously HATING me. in my dreams she is absolutely disgusted with me over various things (last night i wasn't sure why she was so disgusted with me but her disdain led to me driving erratically which then produced even more disdain on her part). in these dreams the look on my mother's face is absolute... well, disgust is the best word i can use. everything about her from her facial expressions to the tone of her voice to her body language is so overwhelmingly hateful. the dreams are so powerful and i will wake up from them feeling just awful for the rest of the day.

the problem is... in real life she couldn't be more opposite. in real life, my mom adores me. she is supportive and always so proud of me. she quite literally is my biggest fan.


seriously, help me out. please.


strovska said...

oh dear. i have those dreams too. sometimes it's other members of my family, but most often my mother (who isn't really like that in real life either). i just had one the other night too.

i'd like an explanation too.

CëRïSë said...

So my theory is that it doesn't really have to do with your mom; it's you who are feeling disgusted with yourself--or possibly with someone else. Maybe it's for being irresponsible (mothers advocate responsibility) or for being overindulgent (mothers sometimes are)? Perhaps you feel unable or unwilling to confront yourself, or someone else, about your disappointment, and your dream brain turns it around as being your fault and making you the victim.

I haven't figured out how to exorcise bad dream feelings, but maybe being able to analyze what caused the dream might help. In this circumstance, I'd probably suggest making a phone call for a some mommy-love and affirmation!

Anyway, there's my hack psychologizing...